This was “Funnel Week” which means that March 6 was the last day for bills to pass out of committee in their chamber of origin in order to stay alive. Below are the bills that passed out of committees this week to remain eligible for consideration this session.

Shared/Community Use of Schools

Our new campaign coordinator, Adam Fanning, has been working hard reaching out to schools across the state to secure quotes and success stories while garnering even more support for our Community Use of Schools legislation. We worked together with school administrators, the School Board Association and trial attorneys to reach an agreement on the language in the bills in order to help move them forward in the process.

Both House Study Bill 35 (formerly HSB 22) and Senate Study Bill 1247 (formerly SSB 1081) have been passed out of committee with unanimous votes! Now both bills will be moving to the floor of their respective chambers.

Safe Routes to School

We continue to have discussions with key lawmakers in both the House and Senate about a $1 million funding ask (Senate File 32) for Safe Routes to School. The Revenue Estimating Conference will be held on March 19th to discuss the revenue estimates and will help the legislature in making budget decisions in the upcoming months. Once the budget targets are set, we will have a better sense of the overall budget and how the funding issues we are working on will be impacted.

Mission Lifeline

On February 3rd, we made a BIG announcement about the Helmsley Family Charitable Trust giving us $4.6 million for our Mission Lifeline program which will enhance systems of care, save lives, and improve outcomes for heart patients in rural Iowa. We are hoping that the state will help us with implementing this program throughout Iowa by adding $1 million so that more areas of the state can be covered.

You can read the press release about these efforts here.